Woman 'peeping tom'

03:22, May 18 2012

An alleged flasher accused of exposing himself to females of all ages accused one woman of being a "peeping tom".

Darren George Hosking, 45, a self-employed possum hunter of New Plymouth, told the officer in charge of the case he was speechless that there was so many accusations against him stretching over the summer months of 2010 and 2011.

In a video interview with Detective Carol Tipler played to the jury in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday, Hosking said he had nothing to say in response to the six different accusations of indecent exposure.

"I've got nothing to say. I don't know what to say. Who does that?"

He agreed he went to all the areas where girls, teenagers and women had reported the exposure – Woodleigh School, Save Mart in Rimu St, Strandon, Oakura Beach and Corbett Park.

"No way, that's terrible," Hosking said in response to allegations he knelt down in an aisle in Save Mark and exposed himself to a young girl.


An off duty detective sergeant later spoke to him at the East End beach.

At Corbett Park, a woman in her late 30s with her young daughters took his licence plate after he allegedly exposed himself to her, the detective said.

Hosking said he recalled the woman, describing her as "some sort of peeping tom".

"I had no idea she was looking," Hosking replied. "I wanted to apologise but the police said no because she was so embarrassed about telling police about it ... no one goes around flaunting themselves."

The trial, before Judge Allan Roberts, is expected to finish today.

Taranaki Daily News