Green tea promoted to fight obesity and diabetes

19:52, May 29 2012
Colin Slade and Steve Horne
FIGHTING FIT: All Black Colin Slade takes a jab at Steve Horne at a promotion day for the green tea drink Tao Ti at the Plymouth International yesterday.

All Black Colin Slade has joined the green tea craze.

Yesterday he was in New Plymouth promoting the cold herbal brew as a way to tackle obesity.

At a seminar at the Plymouth Hotel, Slade joined green tea company Tao Ti founder Steve Horne to talk about using the drink to overcome obesity and diabetes.

Once weighing in at 160 kilograms, Mr Horne lost 51kg in 13 months after stumbling across Tao Ti green tea in a convenience store in Hong Kong.

Slade said it was during a training session when he was injured and sidelined that he met Mr Horne and got talking to him about the benefits of green tea.

"As a rugby player I lead a naturally healthy lifestyle but while it's natural for me to be healthy it can be quite tough for others," he said.


"At the end of the day a lot of kids aspire to be where I am with my sport but they won't get there without being healthy."

The recommended dosage of Tao Ti is two bottles a day and Slade says since adding it to his diet he feels better both mentally and physically.

"Plenty of us guys like the idea and benefits of drinking green tea but don't exactly want to be sitting down sipping a hot cup of it so this works well."

Hawera's Kiwi Life Health and Fitness personal trainer Maz Fletcher read about Mr Horne, and organised for him to speak at a seminar about the product a few months ago.

"In eight weeks we sold 300 boxes of Tao Ti and we didn't even advertise it," she said.

"It was just word of mouth and people got excited about it."

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