Newspaper boss moving on

23:30, Jul 01 2012
brewer stand
Taranaki Newspapers boss Mike Brewer is to leave the company later this year to take on the position of chief executive of Rhema Broadcasting Group.

After nearly a decade at the helm of Taranaki Newspapers Ltd, general manager Mike Brewer is taking a leap of faith into a new chief executive role.

Brewer will leave Taranaki Newspapers in November to take up the position of chief executive of Rhema Broadcasting Group.

Rhema is a non-profit organisation running three national Christian radio stations, Shine television and quarterly daily devotional magazines for their supporters and the wider community.

Brewer is familiar with working in radio media, having spent 10 years at Radio Works Taranaki before joining Taranaki Newspapers in 2003.

Starting as a business development manager, he found the transition to print a steep learning curve, he said.

Once again Brewer is moving into a fresh challenge, having never worked in television before. Brewer said one of his proudest moments during his tenure at the newspaper was accepting a Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Supreme Business award on behalf of the division and the management team in 2005.


"It was truly a great honour and very humbling experience as I stood there and reflected on what a hard-working bunch of people it takes to produce a daily newspaper."

His fondest moments came from interactions with the team at Taranaki Newspapers and colleagues throughout Fairfax, he said.

"I will never forget the great atmosphere that exists here and the teamwork across the group."

Brewer said it would take a miracle to get him out of Taranaki.

"Only God could get me out of Taranaki and move the whole family to Auckland."

Brewer said he had given a long notice period as he waited for his family to finish the school year, including his wife who is completing her degree in social sciences.

He hoped to take the next four months to review the Taranaki Newspapers general management position and company structure, he said.

Brewer is a keen surfer and considering the lack of surf in Auckland, compared to what Taranaki can offer, he hopes to get into some sailing.

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