Time in Bali jail could stretch to three weeks

17:00, Jul 06 2012

A former New Plymouth man arrested and locked up in Bali claims he is being held without being charged.

Terrence Green and his wife, Sasha Firginia, were arrested on June 25 after he says they occupied his home in Bali, which had been illegally sold.

Mr Green has his iPhone with him and is using it to make posts to his Facebook page.

"Seven days in this hole and have just been informed they can hold us without charge for 20 days," he said on July 2.

Mr Green was raised in New Plymouth but has spent the last 17 years living in Bali, where he owns a business, ExBali, which manufactures and exports Balinese furniture.

He alleges his ex-wife illegally sold their former home.


"In light of no evidence of a sale we, with local police, took over the property for four days. A week later we were arrested for breaking and entering with more bogus charges following, they are trying to get away with this million dollar fraud by corruption and collusion," he said.

"The occupation ended abruptly... after the arrival of 37 police, sent on the instruction of one retired Police General who claims to be the new owner."

Mr Green said they were being held in overcrowded cells in the Polda Detention Centre, in Denpasar.

"Three more just added, brings the total to 73 in three cells. All but 28 on narcotic charges ... 9 women total," he said.

"Includes all of the most recent headline news smugglers. The rest are locals, mostly simple gambling charges."

"Sasha and I are okay, just limited communications. We have put off answering their new bogus charges designed to keep us here," he said.

Mr Green feared authorities would deport him when he was released.

"Learnt this morning that this particular group of gangster police have made a direct request to immigration to have me deported ASAP so they will not be exposed. If that were to happen they would keep Sasha here so she can only fight in a limited capacity."

Mr Green was not sure how things would work out. "Not too much confidence but lots of hope."

Inquiries by the Taranaki Daily News, to the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, could not verify Mr Green's claims.

A MFAT spokesperson said they were unable to release specific details about consular cases for privacy reasons.

An Embassy spokeswoman said she had no details of Mr Green's case and only knew what she had read in the Taranaki Daily News.

Taranaki Daily News