Brothers allegedly broke man's jaw

17:00, Jul 09 2012

Two Waitara brothers bashed a man so hard they broke his jaw and his teeth ended up in the middle of his mouth, New Plymouth District Court was told yesterday.

Shayne Edward Behan-Kitto, 22, a security monitor, and Guy Matthew Behan-Kitto, 20, a scaffolder, deny they jointly wounded Nathan Grant with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm at a party in the town on August 25 last year.

Yesterday Mr Grant was reluctant to say what it was that caused Shayne Behan-Kitto to become angry with him while they were talking inside.

However, Mr Grant agreed during cross-examination by defence counsel Julian Hannam that Mr Grant was discussing Shayne Behan-Kitto's cousin's ex-girlfriend and Mr Grant having sex with her.

When Mr Grant realised how angry Shayne Behan-Kitto was getting, he said he asked him to come outside to continue the discussion away from others and calm him down.

Mr Grant described how Shayne Behan-Kitto hit him hard in the face area.


Guy Behan-Kitto then came outside and also hit him, but with a jab which was not as hard. Shayne then hit him again. The pair stopped the assault when Mr Grant fell to the ground.

There was blood all over the ground and over the bonnet of a car.

When Mr Grant arrived home at his flat, his flatmate freaked out at how badly he was injured, Mr Grant said.

He was taken to Taranaki Base Hospital where he underwent an emergency operation for his jaw which was broken in three places.

The jury trial, which is expected to run about three days, continues today.

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