NP butcher's rashers rock

01:16, Jul 24 2012
tdn bacon
Murray Sattler owner of Buzz the butcher picked up a silver for his bacon at the 100 per cent New Zealand bacon and Ham Competition.

On Saturday Westown butcher Murray "Buzz" Sattler won Lotto, guided his Colts to a gold and two days later his pig got a silver.

"It's been a lucky run," he said, nose deep in a roll of his silver medal-winning traditional bacon yesterday.

It's familiar ground for the lucky New Plymouth butcher.

His middle-eye bacon has already won gold and silver at previous 100% New Zealand Bacon and Ham Competitions and half his sausages have had their place on the medal dais.

But his cured meat success has never come in so much company.

On Saturday after four years as co-coach, the butcher took home the winner's honour when his Tukapa Colts beat Stratford 17-10 in a ferocious club rugby final.


Together with fellow coach Warren Johns their team's victory righted a "wrong" made 29 years ago when the men themselves dipped out in their Tukapa Colts final.

"So you could say we knocked the bastard off," he said.

A few hours after that dizzying victory Buzz got another buzz when his Lotto numbers came up.

Unfortunately with just four and the bonus, the $50 winnings were not quite the perfect cherry on the top.

That could come this week if New Plymouth bacon eaters decide it's time to try his award-winning meat.

"I usually do about eight sides of middle eye and about three of the butcher's cut.

"But when I won gold for the middle, for about six months there I was doing 18 sides of that each week.

"For Hellers, or someone like that, to win a gold medal it can be worth millions. With me it's just personal satisfaction, I suppose."

Christchurch's Ellesmere Butchery's sugar-cured middle bacon pipped Buzz's version in its category and went on to be named bacon of the year.

It's the fifth year in a row the Christchurch butchery has won the supreme award.

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