Council wannabes engage in skirmish

02:57, Aug 02 2012
tdn reuben stand
Reuben Doyle caused a stir when he parked his sign-written ambulance in front of Murray Chong's business.

One year out from the election two council candidates have become embroiled in a petty public squabble over parking rights.

Mortgage broker Murray Chong and TSB Realty agent Reuben Doyle are at each other's throats over the "cheeky" parking spot of Mr Doyle's old, sign-written ambulance.

The trouble started last Thursday when Mr Doyle parked his ambulance near competitors The Professionals who covered the van with their own logos and posted photos on Facebook.

The photos attracted a number of comments including one from Mr Chong.

Twenty minutes later it was parked in front of Mr Chong's business on Northgate and he was on the phone to TSB Realty to get Mr Doyle to move it.

Over the next two days Mr Chong claims Mr Doyle moved the van four more times, each time leaving it within 50 metres of Mr Chong's office.

Mr Doyle admitted he parked in front of Mr Chong business because of the mortgage broker's Facebook post.

He claimed it had nothing to do with them both being council candidates.

He has since apologised and been told by his boss not to park in front of Mr Chong's business.


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