01:01, Aug 03 2012
tdh hot d stand
They might cost a lot but you get free sauce.

Missing the point

When Unreported has a problem we go straight to the top but lately we have noticed limitations to this approach, especially when it comes to government ministers. A case in point is Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson's recent reply to questions from this paper about maui dolphins. Too busy to talk, she would only respond to written questions but when she got them she decided to answer what the questions "implied" rather than what they actually asked. Unreported isn't sure if that is even legal, by which we are implying such behaviour is inconsistent with a free and open society. Shape up Kate.

Most wanted: beer

Hawera police are one group of people who have no problem answering questions directly, as a Tuesday arrest revealed. Quick- thinking constables figured out they could capitalise on their capture of Taranaki's Most Wanted Joel Broughton and before telling their boss of their achievement they put a call in to him with a hypothetical question. "What would it be worth if we caught Broughton," they asked. "A box of beer," they were told. Happy with the deal they waited a full three minutes before ringing the boss back with the good news. Nice work.

Trailing the field

It's been bad news for Taranaki's inshore fishermen in the past week or so with some of their favourite fishing grounds now out of bounds to protect the critically endangered maui dolphin, which may or may not live in Taranaki waters. The ban had been coming for months and about 25,000 submitters got in on the issue. And now 25,001, with the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce coming out saying the ban should be lifted. Nice work TCC. In a totally unrelated matter a stablehand is in court today on charges related to an unexplained delay between shutting a gate and the horse bolting.


Hotdog biter bitten

Which is exactly what will soon be happening to the price of food as the drought in the United States catches up with the world's food supply. It seems that not everyone has waited for the corn shortage to kick in before they start charging like a wounded bull. Nearly 12 days after the Taranaki club rugby finals at Rugby Park at least one man was still feeling the pain when he was heard loudly complaining about the bottle of water and hotdog that left his wallet $9 poorer. "I seriously thought about getting a drink from the toilets instead," he said. He wasn't the only one.

Tweet of the Week

@peretti: Real pros don't tweet Olympic spoilers live, they wait until 5 minutes before the tape delayed result and BOOM!

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