Time to swot up on Taranaki trivia

19:07, Aug 07 2012
Dale Cousens
STUDY THIS: Even Puke Ariki service delivery manager Dale Cousens has been forced to study up on local trivia in preparation for Friday’s Taranaki Team Trivia Challenge at Puke Ariki in New Plymouth.

Taranaki's heaviest recorded onion weighed as much as a man's head and was grown by a bloke called Roger.

He had the region's fertile volcanic soil to thank for his success, but what else has the volcanic history brought us?

If you know the answer to this and other local questions you could be a winner at Friday's Taranaki Team Trivia Challenge at Puke Ariki in New Plymouth.

The first of its kind for the museum, the quiz night will test contestants' knowledge of the world they live in, literally.

All questions will be sourced from the Taranaki Naturally gallery which follows the history of the province from its prehistoric origins to its modern day industry.

"I don't want to give anything away," question master Virginia Winder said yesterday.


"I don't reveal my questions or my answers until an appropriate time."

Puke Ariki service delivery manager Dale Cousens said the quiz night was one of a range of different activities put on over the last 12 months to bring the museum and library to a wider audience.

This has included game show-style events, night-time museum visits and music month.

"We're working with the community about stuff they want to share, their heritage. It's all part of enriching and learning. Puke Ariki is about doing what you want to do to enrich your life," she said.

For those wanting tips on the quiz it might be worthwhile knowing what is so special about the native Pepeke frog, which fearsome Taranaki creature is nicknamed Meg and how to kill the noxious St John Wort plant.

Maximum of six people per team with questions beginning at 6pm in the Puke Ariki foyer. Refreshments will be available from Arborio.

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