The Secret Diary of . . . Stewart Murray Wilson


Gardening. It'll be nice to go outside and do some gardening.

Probably the first thing I'll do is dig in a little compost. Soil becomes compacted over winter, and compost will help with drainage and promote growth for planting in the spring. In the meantime, I'll sow seeds in trays - cabbage, celery, spring onions, silverbeet, spinach, and lettuce.

Some colour would be nice, too. I'm thinking of marigolds, lavender, violas, and hollyhocks.


The supermarket. I'll have to stock up at the supermarket.

Get in the basics. Milk. Bread. Butter. Eggs. Tea.

But also allow myself a few luxuries - at discount prices. A packet of Signature Range chocolate fingers was $2.49 at Whanganui Countdown last week, marked down this week to $2.29.

Pak 'n Save in Glasgow St also has some really good deals. You can get two one- kilogram bags of Talley's fries for $5, and two packets of Country Cheese Crackers for $5. The deal ends on August 19, and I don't get released until September 1, but there's sure to be other promotions.


A bed. I'll need a bed.

A big, proper bed, with a nice, soft mattress - for the first time in 18 years, I'll be able to stretch out, and sleep in all day if I want to.

I won't know myself.


A walk. I'm really looking forward to just being able to leave the house and go for a good, long walk.

I'll take strolls to both Pauri Lake and Lake Wiritoa. They look very nice in photos, although they've had their problems with blue-green algal blooms. Swimming was banned for a while. But they've always been popular as a picnic spot. It's nice to think of young families going there for picnics.

Sitting on a blanket. A hamper with sandwiches in it, a hot thermos, maybe some boiled eggs and cheese crackers. Mum and Dad relaxing. Little kids running towards the water's edge.

I hear the fishing is good. The lakes are stocked with rainbow trout and perch.

There's whitebaiting in season, too, and duckshooting. So much to do. There used to be a nine-hole golf course right beside Pauri Lake when the prison built a village for the guards. But the village was closed in 1999. The houses all got sold and taken away.

It's nice to think my new two-bedroom home is being brought in.

It should be arriving any day.


A dog. I think I'll get a dog.

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