Boyfriend jailed for 2 years

21:26, Sep 04 2012

A bouncer who throttled his girlfriend then wanted sex has accepted he needs help, his lawyer told New Plymouth District Court yesterday.

Raymond Christopher Marsh, in his 30s, had also followed two young girls in his car in March and then into a New Plymouth school where they ran away from him.

He pleaded guilty to intimidation.

Marsh was jailed for two years and three months for wounding his former girlfriend with intent and a second charge of injuring her with intent.

On the first occasion, when the couple were living on the North Shore in Auckland, he head-butted her after they had argued.

She fell backwards on to the floor.


As she lay on the bed recovering he apologised and said he wanted sex. She refused. His rejection angered him and he straddled her, pinned her down, put his hands around her neck and strangled her, the police summary said.

As she became dizzy and was losing consciousness she started crying and he released the hold.

He had become distraught and acknowledged he could have killed her.

But in February last year after they again argued he kicked her so hard in her leg he fractured her fibula.

When police spoke to him in New Plymouth he admitted both assaults.

Yesterday, his lawyer, Kylie Pascoe, said Marsh had been very candid about the assistance he needed.

On March 30 this year two girls aged 12 and 13 became frightened by his behaviour when they walked past him in a Spotswood street.

He followed them in his car, twice driving past them. The two went into school grounds to get away from him but he followed them. They ran away and got help.

After pleading guilty to all counts, Marsh was jailed and given a first strike warning.

If he commits another violent offence he will not be given parole or an early release.

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