Residents riled by roadworks mayhem

21:36, Sep 04 2012
wills stand
Contractors working on Wills Rd, Bell Block, have annoyed residents by regularly blocking the road and causing delays.

Residents of Bell Block's Wills Rd are angry they are having to wait up to half an hour to get past a construction site along the road.

Heavy machinery being used by New Plymouth District Council contractors, laying the Waitara sewage pipeline, and contractors working on a housing development are blocking access along the narrow road.

Residents say they were not informed the work was starting and have had no communication about how long it could take.

NPDC projects manager Jim Wilson said the contractor had done a letter drop to residents adjacent to the site but a door knock was not done.

"The new pipeline from Waitara to New Plymouth has been widely reported in the media," Mr Wilson said.

When the Taranaki Daily News visited residents yesterday there was a 20-minute delay getting through the site.


Gary Ritchie said residents had received no notification about the work. "I understand that they've got a job to do but they just appeared with containers, trucks and diggers," Mr Ritchie said.

"There has been no communication whatsoever."

He said contractors often failed to acknowledge waiting traffic and the site was lacking a traffic management plan.

"They don't move, they just carry on and carry on.

"It's a pain in the butt really but if there was a bit more control and there was someone there to tell you when to stop or go it would be a start."

Mr Ritchie said residents were facing daily delays, which could add more than 40 minutes to a trip to the shops.

Michael Parker was annoyed by the lack of information.

"There's been no letters, no knock on the door, no communication whatsoever. We don't mind the work, as long as people get told what's happening," Mr Parker said.

Amber Caskey said residents had the right to know what was going on.

"It's just a dog's breakfast, an absolute mess. They could have warned us."

Mr Wilson said the issue has now been taken up with the pipeline contractor.

He said the work had been complicated because of other contractors doing water and power connections on the adjacent subdivision frontage.

Mr Wilson said resealing of the road surface would be finished by the end of the week.

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