Dog turned party into bloodbath

08:35, Sep 07 2012
pitbull stand
A pitbull has been destroyed after attacking three people in Patea.

A Patea party turned into a bloodbath when a large aggressive pitbull called Monster attacked and wounded two people.

A man and a woman had to be taken to hospital after the dog tore deep wounds in their limbs that needed extensive surgery.

Monster's owner, Shayle Dwyer, 37, could now face jail when he is sentenced in Hawera District Court next month for owning a dog that causes serious injury.

The maximum penalty under the Dog Control Act 1996 is three years jail or a $20,000 fine.

He was also convicted of failing to castrate the dog under the menacing dog legislation and already has convictions for dog control breaches.

Three months after the June 15 attack, Monster had been destroyed, South Taranaki District Council regulatory services manager Jim Single said yesterday.


Since then, another Waverley pitbull had attacked a 73-year-old woman visiting its home, Mr Single said.

"It came racing down the hallway and tore a huge chunk out of her arm."

The elderly woman needed surgery and skin grafts as a result of the June 27 attack.

In that case, the dog was not registered, allowing authorities to immediately put it down.

The owner has also been charged and is to appear in Wanganui District Court.

In the extended afternoon horror attack in Patea, Monster first grabbed a woman by the shoulder trying to drag her to the ground, the court documents show.

When a man came to her assistance, the dog turned his attention on him, latching on to his right arm and ripping a large deep wound in his inner forearm.

When Monster loosened his grip on the man, his bloodied victim was taken to hospital. He needed 10 stitches to close the wound.

But back at the party, Monster , who had been left unrestrained inside the house, turned his attention on another woman at the party.

As she tried to leap out the window to escape him, it grabbed her left leg mangling her Achilles tendon, ankle and foot.

She managed to kick the dog off with her other foot.

She too was taken to hospital, where she had surgery and multiple stitches to repair the tendon damage and the other leg wounds.

She remained in hospital for two days.

When police and South Taranaki animal control officers arrived at the house, Dwyer made repeated threats to them, releasing the dog - still acting aggressively - loose on to the street. Dwyer then tried to get the dog away by jumping over neighbours' fences.

Authorities eventually managed to capture Monster and he was finally put down after being impounded for three months.

Yesterday Mr Single said the serious charges faced by Dwyer were a first for the council. Under its bylaws, all dogs deemed menacing, including american pitbulls, are banned from importation and if in New Zealand must be de-sexed.

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