Sewage smells rile neighbours

04:31, Oct 03 2012

Neighbours of a New Plymouth sewage treatment operator are kicking up a stink over foul-smelling odours.

Wayne Eustace of Original Pipe Traders Ltd was issued with an abatement notice late last month to ensure no "objectionable or offensive odour" discharges were smelt beyond the boundaries of his Colson Rd site.

It was understood Mr Eustace dewatered septic tank waste there, piping the liquid components to the wastewater treatment plant and dumping the solid matter in the Colson Rd landfill.

Mr Eustace would neither confirm nor deny whether sewage was still being treated at his depot yesterday, saying that processes were being followed and any comments by him might "upset" those processes.

However, his neighbours Laurie and Evelyn Cockerill say their noses don't lie and on Sunday complained again about the foul smell to Taranaki Regional Council.

"It was gone by the time they got here. They gave me a form to do my own monitoring," Mr Cockerill said.


The form provides space for smell readings to be made every 10 seconds with the odour to be graded in intensity from zero for no smell to six for "extremely strong".

Mrs Cockerill said residents on the road now regretted giving Mr Eustace permission to build a shed in the area in 2006.

The sewage smell came and went with the trucks arriving and leaving the depot, Mrs Cockerill said.

Michelle Hight and Kerry Houghton of Colson Rd Garden Centre said the smell was different from before the abatement notice was issued and now contained a scent of what could be a deodorising chemical.

"It's not as strong but there is still something going on," Mr Houghton said.

TRC compliance manager Bruce Pope said the site was being monitored and the abatement notice was being complied with at the time of the monitoring inspections.

He said a resource consent was in the process of being applied for.

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