Neighbours brawl over 'nark' taunt

A neighbourhood dispute which resulted in two men attacking each other with weapons had its sequel in court yesterday.

Garth Michael Urlich, 52, of Waitara, appeared before Judge Allan Roberts for sentencing on a charge of injuring with intent to injure. Urlich had admitted the charge.

The attack began after Urlich put up a sign on his front lawn reading "nark", with an arrow pointing at his neighbour's property.

Judge Roberts said Urlich would have known that the sign would have caused his neighbour to react.

"This is a situation where the behaviour of neighbours has deteriorated to the extent where you are at each other's throats," he said.

"Knowing his pedigree, he must have known it would have drawn a reaction."

He said the pair got into a yelling match before Urlich emerged from his shed with a small crowbar and struck his neighbour across the arm and back.

Both men ended up on the ground before Urlich's neighbour attacked him with a wooden stake, striking him around the upper body and head.

Urlich was taken to hospital by ambulance and needed stitches to two head wounds.

Judge Roberts took into account Urlich's early guilty plea and sentenced him to four months' community detention, with a curfew from 7pm till 7am, and 225 hours of community work after remitting about 70 hours of a previous sentence.

He said both men ought to be treated equally, but Urlich's neighbour had "soiled his nest" and was now in jail for burglary.

Taranaki Daily News