Region's rain didn't fall mainly on plains

September rainfall varied from one extreme to another in Taranaki last month.

Taranaki Regional Council's latest figures show averages in the region ranging between 37 per cent and 163 per cent of the normal rainfall.

Council hydrologist Fiona Jansma said rainfall sites on Mt Taranaki had recorded above-normal rainfall, but it was a different story around the ring plain.

From Okato to Hawera percentages ranged between 107 and 134 per cent of the norm, while from Stratford to Tongaporutu, lower than usual rainfall was recorded.

The driest part of the region was at the Kotare rainfall site near Tongaporutu, which received just 37 per cent of its normal amount of rain.

The below-average rainfall recorded around the region's plains led to soils being slightly drier than usual at the end of September.

High winds also battered the province at times, particularly on September 8 when strong gusts brought down trees and cut power to 1600 homes.

A Stratford supermarket also had to close for more than an hour when glass panels on the entrance roof were lifted by the wind.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research's climate outlook for Taranaki from October to December predicts the region will experience above-average temperatures, while a higher amount of rain is expected late in spring.

Soil moisture levels and river flows are also likely to be above normal from now until December.

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