Dog owner jailed after attacks

01:31, Oct 11 2012

A Patea dog owner whose pet pitbull, Monster, left two partygoers with extensive injuries has been jailed for 10 months.

Shayle Dwyer, 38, was sentenced in Hawera District Court yesterday after being convicted of two charges of owning a dog that caused serious injury, and failing to castrate the dog under the menacing dog legislation.

Judge Allan Roberts slammed Dwyer for trying to pin the blame on one of the victims during a defended hearing earlier in the year.

Dwyer admitted the other two charges.

Judge Roberts said the raft of lies from the defence witnesses was quickly seen as nonsense.

The court heard how an afternoon party turned to chaos when Monster grabbed a woman by the shoulder, dragging her to the ground.


When the male victim tried to intervene the dog turned on him, latching on to his arm and causing puncture wounds. He needed 10 stitches to close the wound.

Monster, who was unrestrained, then turned his attention to another woman. As she tried to escape out a window it grabbed her leg and mangled her Achilles tendon, ankle and foot. She was taken to hospital where she had surgery and remained for two days.

Judge Roberts said the animal was a "ticking time bomb" designed to intimidate.

The dog had been put down.

Taranaki Daily News