TDHB chief highest CEO earner in the region

00:40, Oct 12 2012

New figures from the State Services Commission show the Taranaki District Health Board chief executive is earning the biggest bucks in the region.

The figures released yesterday show the TDHB boss Tony Foulkes is in the pay band of $380,000 to $389,999, which is $20,000 up on his income last year.

The Head of the State Services Iain Rennie says the average movement in base salary for chief executives in the State Services who have held the same position for at least 12 months was 2.7 per cent.

He said 21 per cent of chief executives across the wider public sector received no increase to remuneration during the last year.

The remuneration rise - base salary plus extras - for Mr Foulkes puts him well ahead of other public figures in the region including New Plymouth District Council chief executive Barbara McKerrow.

A September round-up of Taranaki chief executive's base salaries had Mrs McKerrow earning $344,710 followed by Taranaki Regional Council chief executive Basil Chamberlain on $328,879.


Mrs McKerrow's salary is under review at the moment and is expected to be announced by council next week.

Mr Foulkes salary is middle of the range when compared to other health board chief executives.

The Canterbury DHB chief executive earns $520,000 to $529,999, which is up from $490,000 to $499,999.

In the State Services Commission report Witt chief executive Richard Handley's remuneration band is $240,00 to $249,999, a decrease from the year before where it was $250,000 to $259,999.

However, figures given to SSC last year were incorrectly published and the decrease reflects the mistake made, Mr Handley said.

The reality is that this year Mr Handley received a 1.25 per cent increase or an extra $2640, which brings his base salary to $213,837.

The increase is in line with what staff were given - a policy Mr Handley says he has always stood by.


Taranaki chief executives' remuneration: TDHB: Tony Foulkes $380,000+ NPDC: Barbara McKerrow $344,710 TRC: Basil Chamberlain $328,879 STDC: Craig Stevenson $254,989 Witt: Richard Handley $213,837 SDC: Sue Davidson $170,000 

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