Luxury yacht launched

18:37, Oct 28 2012
tdn yacht img
Fitzroy Yachts, Ohana.

The latest luxury yacht to be built in Taranaki was launched today.

Ohana, a 50m, 370 tonne yacht was christened on Saturday and launched at Port Taranaki today with the aid of a heavy lifting ship.

It was brought in from Brisbane because the yacht was too big for anything the port had, Fitzroy Yachts managing director Rodney Martin said.

tdn yacht stand
Fitzroy Yachts

Between 350-400,000 man hours have gone into the Ohana, which Mr Martin described as "floating luxury."

While Mr Martin would not confirm the exact cost of the Ohana, he said the yacht was incredibly expensive.

"That's a confidential thing," he said.


"They are considered one of the most complicated, hand made luxury items in the world."

The Ohana will go through test sailing before heading to Auckland to have its rigging put in.

"We have a six week programme before it's handed over to the owner," Mr Martin said.

When the yacht is finally handed over, the owner is likely to sail around the south pacific, he said.

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