Younger son more her style, but dinner with Charles will do

20:53, Oct 28 2012
Rachel Buckley
PARTY TIME: Rachel Buckley, of New Plymouth, will celebrate her 40th birthday with Prince Charles in Wellington next month.

New Plymouth's Rachel Buckley would prefer to be sharing her 40th birthday with Prince Harry but says his father will do.

On November 14 the nurse and her husband are one of 64 couples who will share birthday celebrations with Prince Charles and Camilla at Government House in Wellington.

The royals are visiting Wellington as part of a New Zealand tour that coincides with the Prince of Wales' 64th birthday.

Mrs Buckley said her mother suggested she enter the competition, for which more than 1500 people applied. The party-goers range in age from someone turning 18 to the oldest guest, who is clocking in his 101st birthday.

Mrs Buckley says it will be one of her more memorable parties but she isn't a huge royal fan.

"My mum was the one that was really excited, she was over the moon when I told her," she said.


"Every year she rings for my birthday and tells me that it's also Prince Charles' birthday, so hopefully this will put a stop to that."

Mrs Buckley said if she had a choice she would be dining with the Prince's younger son, Harry.

She also admits she's more of a fan of the late Princess Diana than of the prince's second wife, Camilla.

The credit card is expected to take a hammering on the day as dinner with a prince means professional hair and make-up are a must.

"I'll be getting a new dress as well but I'm waiting to hear what the dress code is before I buy something."

The only other Taranaki birthday winner selected to attend the one-off dinner is Patea's Geoff Honeyfield.

Speaking to the Taranaki Daily News yesterday, Mr Honeyfield said his daughter had entered him in the competition as a surprise for his 86th birthday.

"I'm happy at home and at the moment - I'm not actually sure I'll go," he said.

If Mr Honeyfield doesn't end up making the trip south it's likely there will be plenty of people lining up to take his spot at the dinner table.

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