Praise for flowers and pies

Luxembourg florist Anne Gloden thinks New Zealand has great flowers and pies.
Luxembourg florist Anne Gloden thinks New Zealand has great flowers and pies.

When florist Anne Gloden arrived in New Zealand from Luxembourg she had never tasted a meat pie.

"My first pie was so delicious. Pies are awesome," said the 24-year-old, who is living in New Plymouth for a year.

Miss Gloden has a masters in floristry from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany.

"I did my degree in floristry in Luxembourg, and then I went to Germany to do my masters, then I applied for this job," she said.

New Plymouth's Sentiments Flowers, where Miss Gloden works, was awarded Highly Commended in two categories at the Westpac Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards on Saturday night.

Miss Gloden, also an artist, has been impressed with the flowers New Zealand has to offer.

"Your flowers are really good quality. They are grown here and not imported like the ones in Europe. New Zealand flowers are lovely," she said.

The traveller, who has already toured the South Island, said the people of New Zealand made her feel welcome.

"I love it here. People are so very nice.

"The whole country is beautiful, with beautiful landscapes. We don't have beaches or mountains at home."

Miss Gloden, who can speak four languages, has also developed a taste for fish and chips.

She said she had always known she wanted to be a florist.

"The first time I saw a florist making a bouquet I knew I wanted to be one too.

"It was love at first sight."

Miss Gloden said she enjoyed making flowers for people on their special days.

"I once did the flowers for a wedding in a castle in France. That was lovely."

When she returns to Luxembourg, Miss Gloden wants to open her own florist shop.

"Maybe I will sell pies there too."

- Taryn Utiger is a Witt journalism student

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