Fears for children as drivers speed into town

Two Kaponga residents are calling for drivers to slow down on the outskirts of their town.

For months, Wayne de Bruyn and Dennis Carswell, who live in Victoria St, have watched scores of drivers ignore the 50kmh zone either side of the town's one-way bridge.

Mr de Bruyn said drivers were waiting until they were in town, just before the bridge, before reducing their speed.

While others leaving town were putting their foot down the minute they crossed the bridge, despite still being in a 50kmh zone, he said.

"They see that 100kmh sign in the distance and they go for it," he said.

Mr de Bruyn said it was only a matter of time before someone was killed.

"There are children around here," he said.

"What's stopping them going out on the road and getting hit because someone is going too fast?"

Mr Carswell said he would take note of the speeders and give their details to police.

"If I'm not prepared to put my bit in, why should I sit back and expect other people to do something about it."

He said driver education was the key to changing attitudes.

"It's about having respect for people who live here."

Mr de Bruyn hoped other Taranaki residents would put their hands up if they noticed drivers failing to slow down in time.

Taranaki Daily News