Artist gears up for fifth exhibition

23:01, Nov 08 2012
Isaac Petersen
PICTURE PERFECT: Artist Isaac Petersen with one of his paintings, Public Bar, which will be on show during his exhibition Home & Away which opens tomorrow.

There' s more to Isaac Petersen than the picture-perfect coastal landscapes he is known for.

The Taranaki artist is gearing up to open his fifth exhibition, Home & Away, featuring works that range from the region's beaches to the hustle and bustle of New York City.

After a trip to the Big Apple in 2010, Petersen said he felt it was time to branch out and test himself with more detailed city scenes.

"I've still got local paintings like I've always painted, but have just added paintings from photos I've taken along the way on my holidays," he said.

"It's been about challenging myself. There's a lot of detail and work in the cityscapes I've been doing, so it is a challenge, and it's about bettering my next painting and exploring new ideas," he said.

His works feature iconic Taranaki spots such as Kawaroa Pools, the Iona Dairy, and Te Henui Bridge, as well as overseas scenes of New York's Times Square and Venice Beach.


The 29 oil-on-canvas works will let Petersen demonstrate his versatility. "It's work that people don't know I can do. People know me as a landscape artist . . . I'm just looking forward to them seeing a different side of my work."

The Fitzroy resident hoped introducing cityscapes into his repertoire would broaden his appeal to those who may not fancy landscapes, or those who already have one.

"I want to get everyone excited and not just have them come here and see landscapes. I want there to be something for everyone."

Despite the new additions, Petersen said he would not forget where it all began.

"I still love painting landscapes and I always will, especially of Taranaki, but it's more about keeping myself inspired now. I've been painting what people like in a way, and now I'm painting more for myself and painting things that look cool to me."

The exhibition has been two years in the making and Petersen said he had been waiting a long time to open the doors.

"I've been visualising how this exact moment was going to look for the last two years, so to see it come to life is just awesome."

Home & Away opens to the public on Saturday at 10am in the old Fitzroy Post Office and runs until November 18.

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