Students hunker down for exams

18:17, Nov 08 2012
exams stand
Boys' High students prepare for exams. Getting down to the books are, from left, Ajax Horn, 16, year 12 and Jonathan Adams, 17, year 12. At the back from left are Jayden Woodhead, 17, year 13;Marc Hurley , 17, year 13; and James Buckland 17, year 12

Almost 4000 Taranaki students will have their heads down and bottoms up in school halls during the next month for NCEA exams.

This morning the New Zealand Scholarship Drama exam will kick off the study season.

For many, this weekend will involve plenty of last-minute cramming in preparation for Monday's level 1 English exam, for which 1866 Taranaki teenagers will be sharpening their pencils.

Nationally, 143,000 students - enough to fill Eden Park three times over - are sitting NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams until December 4.

This year's assessments are made up of 120 exams and another 35 non-examination-based external assessments.

Many students are sitting exams at more than one level.


In Taranaki there are 1572 students completing level 2 exams, 1102 for level 3 and 290 teenagers are tackling scholarship exams.

The job of passing or failing the country's future leaders comes down to a team of 1850 markers.

It will be mid-January before results are available and by then New Plymouth Boys' High School year-12 student Jonathan Adams will be in the middle of his summer holiday in Taupo.

The 17-year-old boarder will be heading back home as soon as his exams are finished at the start of next month.

"You're forced to study at the hostel, which is probably a good thing," Jonathan said.

"Everyone is pretty relaxed about exams and hasn't been getting too stressed."

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