Son, like mum, is top of class

Proud mum: Andrea Murray and her son Callum Johns.
Proud mum: Andrea Murray and her son Callum Johns.

It was a case of deja vu for Andrea Murray, as she watched her son receive the Spotswood College Dux award on the same stage that she was named dux.

Spotswood College year 13 student Callum Johns is this year's top student and plans to head to the University of Otago next year to study surveying.

His mum, who was Spotswood Dux 24 years ago, said she was incredibly proud to see him win the prize, as he had worked very hard.

It is the first time the school has had two members of one family win the prize.

Ms Murray is a bio-security manager at AsureQuality in New Plymouth and said she shares a love of science with her son.

"I'm more into biological science whereas Callum is better at the physics side," she said. "Maths was a strength for me at school as well but not as much as it is for Callum."

Ms Murray studied chemistry, biology, physics, statistics and calculus when she received her dux award in 1988.

Callum starts level 3 and scholarship exams next week for English, Spanish, geography and physics and he completed level 3 and scholarship level calculus and statistics last year.

The pressure is now on for Callum's younger sister Kaitlin, who is year 10 at the college and has her eyes on the family jewel.

Spotswood College principal Mark Bowden said it was a special occasion for the school. "On the dux trophy Andrea's name is at the top of one of three columns and Callum's is now the last name on the same column, which is quite cool," he said.

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