Scorekeeper stumped

Taranaki cricket team scorer Thelma Luxton.
Taranaki cricket team scorer Thelma Luxton.

Thelma Luxton has seen a few cricket scoreboards during the years.

She has been keeping the scorebook for Taranaki at representative matches for the last 40 years and has never seen a Taranaki team fold so quickly as it did against Manawatu at Pukekura Park on Saturday.

Taranaki's rather sorry scorebook shows the team all out for 35 in its first innings and not much better in its second dig when rolled for 80.

With Manawatu making 183, Taranaki lost the Hawke Cup qualifying match by an innings and 68 runs.

"It's the lowest score I can recall Taranaki making in all the years I've been keeping the scorebook," Luxton said afterwards.

"There's been a few occasions when Taranaki has been rolled for 70 or 80, but that's been in one-dayers. Thirty wickets in one day . . . unbelievable. It's the worst display of batting by a Taranaki team I've seen at that level."

Luxton said neither she nor the Manawatu scorekeeper could believe what they were seeing. "We had eight runs on the board when the first wicket fell and they kept falling. We were 27-3 and then 27-4. Three wickets fell at 30 and then it was all over . . . all out for 35.

"They looked good when they went out to field. They dropped a couple of catches, but they were difficult chances. It wasn't as if they weren't trying, they were."

Luxton said she thought Taranaki would come out and bat well in their second innings. "I honestly thought I would be back at the park on Sunday. But when they went into bat, there was nothing. It's the first time I've seen a Taranaki team lose a two-day match in one day. They let themselves down, it's as simple as that."

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