Fijian cultures in joint festival

19:48, Nov 11 2012
kumar stand
Vandhana Kumar celebrates Diwali and Fiji Day with a traditional dance at the weekend.

Both cultures of Taranaki's Fijian community came together to celebrate two of the country's most significant holidays on Saturday night.

Almost 200 Fijians and Fijian Indians live in Taranaki and at least half were at Moturoa School Hall in New Plymouth to acknowledge Diwali, a significant day on the Hindu calendar, and celebrate a belated Fiji Day.

New Plymouth Satsang Ramayan Mandali secretary Ajesh Datt hosted the evening's programme, which included dancing, traditional candle lighting, food and conversation.

Diwali, commonly called the festival of lights, is a five- day festival.

It is considered as important to Hindus as Christmas Day is to Christians.

Mr Datt said Fiji Day was on October 10 but Saturday was an opportunity to celebrate it while everyone was together in the same place.

"It's two different cultures but we share a lot of celebrations and it brings everyone together," he said.


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