Inattention a factor in crash, police say

Two people were injured in a three-car crash near Inglewood yesterday
Two people were injured in a three-car crash near Inglewood yesterday

Driver inattention was the likely cause of a three-vehicle crash near Inglewood yesterday afternoon, police say.

Constable Darren Hayes said two people were taken to hospital after three vehicles collided at the State Highway 3 and Dudley Rd intersection just south of Inglewood at 5.50pm.

The crash occurred when a car, sitting in a turning bay to pull into upper Dudley Rd, was rear-ended by a south-bound car.

The force of the impact pushed the turning car on to the wrong side of the road, where it hit a Ford Explorer coming the other way, he said.

"Inattention appears to be a contributor for the crash," Mr Hayes said.

A female passenger in the turning car suffered serious injuries and the driver of the car that initiated the crash suffered moderate injuries, he said.

At least two ambulances attended the scene as well as Inglewood police and fire brigade, he said.

State Highway 3 was closed for an hour.

Police would continue with inquiries to determine whether charges would be laid, he said.

Drivers should always be focused on the road ahead, Mr Hayes said: "If you're driving at any speed, but especially 100km, the only place your eyes should be is on the road in front of you - not your phone, not your food, not your radio - the road in front of you needs your full attention."

There had been several crashes at the intersection in the past couple of years, he said.

"There doesn't seem to be any reason for it based on the layout of the road.

"You've got full visibility both ways."

He said he knew of a lot of residents who took back roads to avoid sitting in the middle of the intersection "because it just makes them so nervous".

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