Surfer riding tough wave of funds shortfall

Dream Tour surfer Paige Hareb will have to pay to do the tour out of her own pocket if she can't find another $20,000.
Dream Tour surfer Paige Hareb will have to pay to do the tour out of her own pocket if she can't find another $20,000.

Dream Tour surfer Paige Hareb will need to self-fund her world title campaign from anticipated winnings if she cannot find the remaining $30,000 needed to compete next year.

It costs the 22-year-old about $60,000 to travel and compete, about half of which is funded by her sponsors DHL, Subaru, Debit Success and Mt Woodgee.

To raise the remaining $30,000 Hareb joined website Sportfunder in the hope the public would support her world title dreams.

So far $8155 has been donated through the site, leaving her with a $21,845 shortfall.

"It's enough to do the Australasian leg of tour," she said.

"I'd pay for it [the rest of the tour] out of my winnings so the better results I get the more money I'll have."

Hareb has already reduced her costs by going without a coach.

"I don't have a coach now to save money. It was hard to pay for them to go around the world."

The online funding project closes next Tuesday and Hareb is hoping a few more people get behind her.

Yesterday Phillippa Robertson, of Publishing World Limited, donated $3000 through the site.

"I guess it was going pretty slow and then I woke up this morning and saw Taranaki Showcase had put in $3000," Hareb said yesterday.

"It was a nice little surprise."

Robertson, who has never met Hareb and only just moved to the province, said she donated the money to help fund the young surfer's dreams.

"Someone needed to step up and help out," she said. "It's a big mission."

Creator of Sportfunder Craig Williamson said the website gave people the chance to donate or pledge money.

"Most sites only have pledges, so if the total isn't reached they don't have to pay," he said. "Only a couple of people have pledged money so most of it has been donated and goes straight to Paige."

Hareb said she had also applied for funding from High Performance Sport New Zealand.

"I'm allowed to apply for it but I haven't heard back from them yet," Hareb said.

It's not the first year Hareb has struggled to fund her Dream Tour expenses. She had to do the same this year after Billabong suddenly ceased its sponsorship at the end of 2011.

To raise money for her 2012 campaign Hareb took on Hayley Holt in the fight for life. But another charity boxing match was not in the pipeline, she said.

"I don't have anything lined up, but I'm open to any new ideas," she said.

Hareb will be back in the water in the next couple days after being beached for a month due to surgery.

"I broke my pinkie snowboarding and I've got a metal plate and screws in it now."

Once back in the water Hareb's focus will turn to 2013, her fifth consecutive year on tour.

Donations or pledges can be made at

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