Clamper under council's gaze

02:24, Nov 15 2012

New Plymouth mayor Harry Duynhoven said the council is planning to look into clamper Daniel Clout's operations.

Speaking to the Taranaki Daily News after revelations councillor Andrew Judd has been accused of assaulting Mr Clout in a scuffle at a central city carpark, Mr Duynhoven said the council had received hundreds of complaints from irate parkers.

''There have been many complaints to the council, and to me personally, from people who have been absolutely appalled at the way this guy behaves,'' he said.

''There are now very many incidents with this bloke whose behaviour is completely unacceptable and I am making it a habit, personally, of not going to any company that is in an area which is managed by this bloke.''

Mr Duynhoven said he no longer goes near any business where clamper Daniel Clout may be operating.

And he said he new a lot of people who had also adopted the same approach and would avoid places like the Richmond Centre, with their vehicles.


''If I was a business with him managing parking for my business, I would be very concerned about what affect that particular bloke is having on the trade of my business.

''What people don't realise with the guy is that there is no requirement by law for them to pay him cash up front,'' Mr Duynhoven said.

''I understand the law is written in such away that you can pay him off over time and that he has to remove the clamps when he has made contact with you. 

''But it is something we are looking into further.

The mayor said the council had never hired Mr Clout to manage any of its property.

''We don't have anything to do with him.

''Quite frankly, his behaviour at times according to reports I've had from people - and remember I've only heard their reports - is just appalling.''

Taranaki Daily News