Cooper gives guests insight into fashion

IN VOGUE: Georgia Macfarlane models a Trelise Cooper outfit on the catwalk.
IN VOGUE: Georgia Macfarlane models a Trelise Cooper outfit on the catwalk.

A one-off evening with clothing designer Trelise Cooper gave Taranaki ladies a taste of New Zealand Fashion Week last night.

More than 100 women turned out at Snug Lounge for a question and answer session with Cooper followed by a fashion parade of her spring/summer collection.

After that came a preview of Cooper's winter 2013 collection on a big screen.

The evening was hosted by Kate Macfarlane's retail shop Et Vous which has stocked a large range of Trelise Cooper clothing since it opened six years ago.

Tickets to the show cost $65 a seat.

Cooper spoke of how she first got into fashion design. She told the audience how her dad facilitated her love of shopping and how she left school at the age of 15 to pursue a career in fashion.

While most kids were at university, Cooper said, she was learning in the real world, starting out as a receptionist in clothing and shoe companies.

"I learnt at the school of Trelise," Cooper said.

She largely attributed her collections to having a lot of ideas and being inspired by her travels.

"I would say that travel, more than anything, was my inspiration.

"Travel allows some thinking space."

Most of her clothes were designed to be long-lasting heritage pieces, she said.

"I want it to be a piece that's loved and treasured."

Mrs Macfarlane said the show provided a chance for customers to finally meet the woman behind the clothes and vice versa.

"It's nice for her to meet these women too who love what she does," she said.

Cooper's shows were always a highlight of New Zealand Fashion Week, she said.

Taranaki had a large Trelise Cooper following and Cooper had been offering to come down to do the evening for about 18 months, Mrs Macfarlane said.

"It's a lot of kudos to have her come down here and be involved with us on that level."

Cooper sells her clothing in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Britain, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuwait.

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