Dirt bike used to escape from bungled burglary

16:00, Nov 18 2012

Waitara police want to hear from anyone who heard or saw a dirt-bike blasting through town at 3am on Sunday morning.

The loud bike was used as the getaway vehicle for a bungled burglary attempt on the Waitara Town and Country Club.

About 2.50am the club's alarm sounded and security cameras filmed a man smashing down doors with a sledgehammer.

Constable Rhys Connell, of Waitara, said the man had broken a window to get into the building but had not been able to find whatever he was looking for and nothing was believed to have been stolen.

"Three minutes after the alarm went off, he has taken off on a dirt-bike, across the bridge and into Waitara east.

"He was wearing a balaclava, a black bike vest and a backpack.

"It would have been a pretty distinctive noise. People would have heard that motorbike," he said.

If anyone had seen the man or know where he was going, the information can be passed to police anonymously. People can pass on information by phoning the Crimestoppers hotline 0800 555 111 or calling the Waitara station direct.


Taranaki Daily News