In the tiger-slippered footsteps of Pooh

02:24, Nov 23 2012
tdn pooh stand
Craig Williams with one of the two children's books he has published.

A fondness for A A Milne and a 3-year-old niece in need of a good bedtime story brought out the children's author in Craig Williams.

The New Plymouth man published Is That My Tail for his niece last year and ended up selling 150-odd copies to kindergartens, libraries and even a bookshop in Auckland.

This month he published his second storybook, The Hungry Slippers, just in time for the Christmas rush.

He said profits were minimal last year because door-knocking was labour intensive, but hopes this year he can ride off the popularity of Is That My Tail.

"Everyone from work who bought one last year is keen to get a copy of the new book."

Williams has worked as a technical writer in the past - "the boring type of writing" - but said his inspiration comes from writers like A A Milne.


His youngest brother does the illustrations for the storybooks which Williams said were a hit.

"Young kids love the pictures, so my brother gets all the kudos."

Is That My Tail is about a little girl who loses her tail and tries on a few different animals to see if they fit, while The Hungry Slippers is about a mother's tiger slippers that turn into a real tiger and chase the kids.

Both are written in verse. The books are available through Williams' two Facebook pages "Is That My Tail" and "The Hungry Slippers", and at Real Tart Gallery in New Plymouth.

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