Judge tires of tales, jails shoplifter

00:25, Nov 23 2012

A prolific shoplifter who always came up with a sad tale of woe had run out of chances, the judge said in New Plymouth District Court.

Judge Allan Roberts said Neoka Marciana-Lee Isherwood had clearly been given the message in the past that she continued to shoplift at her peril.

Her latest theft of Huggies, a $28.99 bag of nappies she took from the Warehouse on September 5, was the last straw, he said, sentencing her to two months' jail for her 11th shoplifting conviction since 1994.

Her lawyer told the judge that Isherwood's mother had terminal cancer, was just out of hospice and she needed to find her a place to live.

"You are always tearfully regaling me with stories of your past," Judge Roberts said. "Expect an increase when you offend again."

Jason Gordon Ellis was stupid to do a burnout in New Plymouth's main street at night, and in the view of two police officers, Judge Roberts said.

It would have been just as foolhardy to go to the police station, call the police out and performed the stunt there, he said.

Ellis admitted sustained loss of traction and drink-driving with a breath-alcohol level of 869mcg, more than twice the legal limit. Ellis was fined $800 and disqualified from driving for nine months.


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