Hunters found at mate's place

23:38, Nov 24 2012

Two pig hunters who sparked a search and rescue mission received a scolding from police after being found in bed at a mate's place.

A search was kicked off on Saturday night after the partner of one of the men rang police when they failed to return home.

"They left Friday night at 7pm and were expected back early on Saturday morning," Search and Rescue Co-ordinator Sergeant Andrew Ross said.

Police spent Saturday night and Sunday morning trying to locate the hunters' vehicle so a search area could be defined, he said.

"We had the Mokau cop out and the rural cop out. We were calling locals who were calling locals."

However, after more than 24hours the men were found at an address on Waitaanga Rd, near Ohura.


Mr Ross said police had words with the pair for not telling anyone their plans or where they were.

"They got a bit of a telling off for not letting their partners know and for wasting our time," Mr Ross said.

"I'm not that happy with it."

Mr Ross said it was important the hunters told someone exactly where they were going and if they changed their plans.

"That way if they do get lost we can find them and go straight to the area."

"When you think someone has been missing for 24hours it does cause a lot of anguish."

Mr Ross said it wasn't a surprise the mens' partners were getting worried.

"When they are they far over due you begin to get concerned," he said.

One of the partners was supposed to go to work, but couldn't because she had to look after the kids.

"It's good that we've found them but I don't think they realise just how much anguish they have caused," Mr Ross said.

Taranaki Daily News