Pungarehu beach fire

Firefighters spent about two hours putting out a vegetation fire on a Punagrehu beach early this morning.

Rahotu senior station officer Paul Mundt said firefighters were called to the beach on Coast Rd about 3am.

"Some idiots must have had a fire or BBQ down there and just left it," he said.

"It was really big, there was about 100m of flames."

Mr Mundt said the fire had got into grass, bush and driftwood along the beach.

"It's stupid, they've taken off and left it to us."

About 10 firefighters, from Rahotu and Okato, worked to put out the fire using water from a tank at an abandoned house.

"We got there about 3am and didn't leave till about 5am," Mr Mundt said.

Taranaki Daily News