Patient disgusted by ward-mate

01:35, Dec 05 2012
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Ashleigh Dobson, Toni Korff and Suzanne Elliot have a completely different story to the one told by Janet Morresey from Inglewood who publicly complained about the bad treatment she received at Taranaki Base Hospital.

A woman who shared a ward with a complaining patient at Taranaki Base Hospital has described the experience as sheer hell".

Toni Korff was a patient in ward four at the same time as Janet Morresey, who last week told the Taranaki Daily News her nurses were rude and took a long time to answer her bell.

But Mrs Korff tells a different story and said she could not believe the nurses tolerated Mrs Morresey's behaviour.

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Toni Korff doesn't agree with Janet Morresey who publicly complained about the bad treatment she received at Taranaki Base Hospital

"I was appalled.

"The nurses were outstanding, they were so calm and cool, I don't know how they dealt with her. I was only there for a couple of days and I'd had enough."

Yesterday, however, Mrs Morresey said she stood by her comments and was only reacting to the rudeness she received.


"If they had shown me respect I would have shown it back.

"They treated me like I was somebody with no brain in their head."

Mrs Korff also disputed the comment Mrs Morresey made about waiting 90 minutes for help to the toilet.

"The 90 minutes wait, that's a load of crap. No-one ever waited for a bed pan for that amount of time."

She said Mrs Morresey had to be moved to another room because of the disturbance she was causing to other patients.

"You don't want to lie in a bed listening to her when you've just had major surgery. As a patient you shouldn't have to put up with it and the same with visitors.

"I was so pleased to get away from her."

Mrs Korff's niece, Suzanne Elliot, and friend, Ashleigh Dobson, also witnessed Mrs Morresey's behaviour when they visited the hospital. Ms Elliot said Mrs Morresey was obnoxious and swearing at the hospital staff when her young nephew was present.

"It was just disgusting. If I was a patient I'd be laying a complaint with the hospital about her not the staff."

Ms Dobson said Mrs Morresey disagreed with hospital staff's decisions regarding her treatment.

"She told them, ‘I've been a caregiver for 30 years and I don't have it on paper but I know more than you, so f... off'."

Mrs Morresey admitted she used the foul language when the nurse made her angry.

Mrs Korff agreed the hospital was understaffed but said the patients were not neglected.

She said it was hard to believe Mrs Morresey had been a caregiver for 30 years.

"I wouldn't want her looking after me."

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