MP urges NZTA to act on road

Whanganui MP Chester Borrows
Whanganui MP Chester Borrows

Whanganui MP Chester Borrows says he warned roading authorities that deferring work on the Normanby overpass would lead to more fatalities.

"I am very sorry that they did not listen and there is no satisfaction in being proved right," he said yesterday.

Mr Borrows was commenting on plans by the New Zealand Transport Agency to conduct a safety review in the aftermath of the weekend's double fatality near the overbridge.

But the safety issues at the bridge and its approaches were predictable and flagged to the NZTA months ago, Mr Borrows said.

Just last month the NZTA moved plans to upgrade New Plymouth's Waiwhakaiho bottleneck ahead of the previously planned realignment of the Normanby overbridge.

NZTA regional state highways manager David McGonigal said the review of the Normanby overbridge would help determine whether any further measures needed to be taken to make the road safer.

But Mr Borrows said proposed road markings, signage and surfaces won't fix the obvious hazards in the area, he said.

"I won't be happy until I see the realignment complete and a much safer roadway being used."

The site of Saturday's crash is known as a black spot by locals.

"We may be emotive about these things but we are the ones cleaning up the mess and dealing with the grief," Mr Borrows said.

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