Square meal of artistry

20:43, Dec 08 2012
Taranaki art exhibition
BLOCKING UP: Kina owner Luella Raj prepares for the annual 200 x 200 exhibition which opens on Friday.

More than 40 artists from around New Zealand will be exhibiting their work at Kina's 7th annual 200 x 200 exhibition opening.

Kina owner Luella Raj said a flood of people rolled into the exhibition last year and she hoped for a similar response tonight.

"For the first time last year I had a huge response to the artworks on sale.

"It was like one of those American sales for the new iPods where people line up outside, the doors open, and the fight begins. It was mayhem."

Ms Raj said the shop would reopen at 5.20pm tonight and people would get 10 minutes of viewing time before being able to approach Kina staff with the number of their desired piece.

Kina had been taking online inquiries from people wanting to purchase works for the last two months, but that wasn't part of the concept, she said.


"You have to come into the store to purchase anything. We like to keep it that way so it's special for our local customers. It's sort of a way of saying thank you."

Each piece of work in the exhibition is priced at $200.

While many new and returning artists from around the country are involved, Taranaki also has a huge presence in the exhibition.

Local artists Jordan Barnes, Mikaere Gardiner and Josh Manu are some of many. Ms Raj said she always made a point of inviting new artists to the show which kept things fresh and exciting.

"The diversity of the works is astonishing and of a very high calibre. We're looking forward to having people come down this evening and join in the mayhem."

All of the purchased works will remain on Kina's walls until December 20.

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