19:37, Dec 06 2012
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Hey Santa, could I please have some bolt cutters?

Shaun's secret Santa?

Pop quiz: Which New Plymouth councillor used his Facebook page to compare his mayor with Father Christmas with the line "off to spend remainder of day in office of man with white beard (he don't have a belly of jelly and I suppose his nose goes red when his face does)"? Here's a hint. His first name rhymes with Unicorn and his last name with Seasick. Oh what the hell, it was Shaun Biesiek. Sorry mate. But Unreported can't keep a secret and when you're right there's no need to be ashamed.

No, not that Duchess

Unreported is certainly not ashamed of our love of Kate Middleton, the strikingly good- looking commoner who stole Prince William's heart and is now pregnant with what will be the third in line to the English throne. Imagine our horror then on reading yesterday's racing pages and seeing the scratching in race nine at Pukekura Raceway yesterday was none other than the Duchess of Cambridge. Crikey. We don't believe in omens but that didn't prevent us nearly choking on our cornflakes.

Style Council lacking

Talking about things that catch in your throat, we turn to a New Plymouth District Council meeting and an awkward fashion mix-up. In what will surely go down in wardrobe history councillors Sherril George and Marie Pearce attended wearing the exact same delightful shade of orange. In these days of Skype and pix- texting such apparel repetition really is unforgivable. On another note Unreported can't be sure if it was the quality of the debate at the meeting or the reporting that made the fashion double-up become the one thing that stood out.


Call us sceptics

In other stand-out matters we turn to Taranaki District Health Board media liaison Sue Carrington. Ever helpful as she is, we're not sure if it was a mistake when she titled maternity and child health clinical services manager Leigh Cleland the Cynical Services Manager or if she was trying to send us a coded message. Then again, accidents happen. A recent New Plymouth District Council report described Fitzroy's popular beach side kid's pool as a "swallow pool designed for small children". No word on how many it takes to fill it up.

Tweet of the week

@RFStew: Surfing, skateboarding, golf, farming, boozing are top 5 stories for Taranaki on Stuff's website. Because seriously, what else is there?

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