Thief takes shine off Christmas cheer

02:21, Dec 09 2012
Taranaki District Health Board
LIGHTS OUT: Taranaki District Health Board chaplain Reverend Murray Elliot is unimpressed after thieves stole the lights off the hospital chapel’s Christmas tree last week.

The Christmas tree in the chapel at Taranaki Base Hospital has an odd decoration this year.

It's a sign apologising for the lack of lights, after they were stolen from the tree this week.

The Taranaki District Health Board chaplain, Reverend Murray Elliot, set up the tree in the hospital chapel and adorned it with decorations made bypatients in the children's ward, tinsel and Christmas lights.

On Thursday, Rev Elliot left the chapel while he did other work around the hospital and on his return discovered the lights had disappeared from the tree.

"I can't believe someone would take the lights off our tree. I saw my star on the ground and thought, ‘what's that on the ground for', only to discover the lights gone."

He hopes the lights will be returned.

"For some patients coming to the chapel with lovely Christmas decorations brings joy to their heart at this time and for someone to take that away is heartbreaking."


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