Daily News top five - week ending December 9

00:21, Dec 10 2012

Here are the top five stories you clicked on last week, there's everything from dead cows and crashes.

1. Oeo farmers lose 120 cows

A Whakatane dairy farmer is rallying farmers across the country to help a South Taranaki couple who had 120 cows die on their farm this week.

2. Fatal crash described as a bomb site

A horror head-on crash near Normanby which left two motorcyclists in a charity run dead and six hospitalised is being described as a bomb site.

3. Patient says nurses were rude, slow


A complaint from an Inglewood woman about her treatment at Taranaki Base Hospital adds to the growing number of patient gripes received by Taranaki health services this year.

4. Patient disgusted by ward-mate

A woman who shared a ward with a complaining patient at Taranaki Base Hospital has described the experience as sheer hell".

5. Driver averts further tragedy

A second head-on fatality in Taranaki was narrowly avoided by the quick actions of a driver swerving his vehicle to avoid a heavily intoxicated driver coming towards him at high speed, police said.

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