News piece wins teens top jobs

19:58, Dec 11 2012
tdn sadd stand
Erin Tate Brad Clarke are leaders of the Students Against Drink Driving organisation.

Two Taranaki teens have secured national leader's roles with Students Against Drunk Driving.

Erin Tate, 16, of Inglewood High School, and Brad Clarke, 17, of Waitara High have landed top jobs with the national organisation, which holds lectures and runs programmes and activities at schools and in communities around New Zealand.

Earlier this month the pair, who have both been involved with Sadd for two years, spoke to the Taranaki Daily News as part of their campaign against drinking and driving.

Erin said the news story had helped them gain the positions and she was thrilled when the announcement was made.

"I was so excited. We got the call and they said that basically that your article was what made them decide on us," she said.

"The fact that we are doing work in the wider community and not just in our schools also helped."


Brad said he was ecstatic about getting the role.

"It's a pretty big thing really because we get to learn new skills and bring them back to our region and use them back here," he said.

Brad and Erin both believe New Zealand has a bad record with drink-driving and they want to make a difference.

They are looking forward to taking up their roles in the new year.

"So many opportunities have opened up for us now," Erin said.

"I'm so excited. It means we get to go around New Zealand and meet all of the other people that are as passionate as we are about it."

They say holding national positions will help them shape the programmes Sadd delivers to schools.

"We are going to be doing what we did in our schools but at a national level, so we will be in charge of the Sadd representatives as well," Erin said.

Brad said it was great to have two representatives from Taranaki among the 11 leaders.

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