Travellers on hunt for 'Graham'

22:39, Dec 13 2012
tdn gra stand
Ann-Marieand and Bo Stenhammar of Stockholm are on a hunt for "Graham".

A Swedish couple want to fulfil a promise they made to a Taranaki man - the only problem is they don't know how to contact him.

Bo and Ann-Marie Stenhammar of Stockholm were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in New Zealand when they met "Graham" on a bus from Wellington to New Plymouth in March this year.

Graham told them he had a son who was interested in Viking culture, and the Stenhammars promised to send any books they could find about Vikings back home.

Mr Stenhammar said they had plenty to talk about with Graham.

"Our youngest child, Olle, is disabled and this was the longest time we been away from him.

"As Graham had personal experiences of the situation for disabled people in New Zealand it was interesting to compare the system in our countries.


"We believe our countries can learn a lot from each other."

He said Graham told them his grandfather was from Norway and they discussed the similarities between Viking and Maori culture.

Mr Stenhammar understood Graham did not live in New Plymouth but about 100 kilometres south, and he was going to visit friends in New Plymouth when they met on the bus.

He said Graham was working as a newspaper carrier and his son was in the Sea Scouts.

Inquiries around the Taranaki Daily News' delivery staff did not turn him up.

On a recent trip to Stavanger, Norway, the pair visited a Viking museum and found a book which made them remember Graham.

Now they want to find him.

"We would like to fulfil our promise to send a Viking book to Graham and his son," Mr Stenhammar said.

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