Bohemian Christmas

19:33, Dec 13 2012
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Bohemian Christmas

Christmas is the loveliest time of the year when we spend time with family and friends, share gifts and eat delicious cuisine. Celebrate in style, and create that warm, welcoming Christmas feel right from the front steps of your door.

Place two potted pittosporum plants on either side of your entrance door. They are easily shaped into small Christmas trees and look beautiful as a backdrop to your decorations. Add a mix of handmade paper decorations with miniature pine cones hanging with thread to bring charm to your entrance.

Bring a splash of bronze or gold with ribbons bowed around leaves. Wrap the base with organza, tulle, recycled paper or hessian for a natural look. They can be planted in the garden after Christmas, too.

Dress your door with a wreath made of sweet- scented flowers. Once inside, the real Christmas tree can be made from almost anything. From the traditional pine tree, to wood sticks attached to the wall, decorated with lights and acorns.

Place a wildly colourful hand knitted rug under your tree to gather presents on. Hand-sewn hearts, crafted wooden stars and soft feathers all add to the magic of christmas. Wrap presents in brown paper and splash out on gorgeous ribbons. Trim your gifts with flowers and little treasures like twigs and leaves from the garden.

Enjoy Christmas lunch outside and dress your dining table with pebbles from the beach. Add a hessian table runner and bind utensils with string. Create a welcoming feast with lamb roasts on wooden boards, pottles of ground herbs and display your cuisine on simple platters. Colourful glass decanters filled with flowers, softly lit soy candles and generous wine glasses will set the mood.

Enjoy celebrating Christmas in style and creating a beautiful life.

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