Heading south, but he'll be back

00:19, Dec 20 2012
tdn kyle stand
Kyle Marshall Cresswell is possibly changing profession and heading out of town.

A notorious New Plymouth squeegee bandit is possibly changing profession and heading out of town.

The teenager whom city residents have either loved or loved to hate has been offered a job in Whanganui and is starting this week, the New Plymouth District Court has been told.

Kyle Marshall Cresswell, who has collected a large number of trespass notices as he moved his business base around the city's intersections and car parks, was in court on Tuesday to be sentenced for receiving a camera from another man.

In mitigation, Cresswell said he did not know it was stolen and paid $80 for it.

Judge Tony Adeane convicted Cresswell on his guilty plea, sentencing him to 80 hours of community work.

But Cresswell denied another charge, one of assault, where police allege he assaulted a woman driver.


Cresswell said he had still cleaned her windows, despite her giving him the fingers.

Through his lawyer, Cresswell said it was in fact the woman who attacked him.

"She jumped out of her car and swung her fists at me," Cresswell said from the dock, where he was accompanied by his backpack, a water bottle and squeegee mop.

But the judge was not finished. When he heard that Cresswell was to be sentenced next year for the burglary of his Hamilton school when he was a 15-year-old boarder, Judge Adeane added another 40 hours' community work and ordered reparation of $339 for the groceries and cash he stole.

New Plymouth has not seen the end of Cresswell.

He is to return to the city for the defended hearing on the assault charge on February 19.

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