Paid parking to stay at Port Taranaki

Port Taranaki chief executive, Guy Roper, says parking meters will stay at the lee breakwater.

Port Taranaki chief executive, Guy Roper, says parking meters will stay at the lee breakwater.

Port Taranaki will permanently charge for parking at the lee breakwater.

The charges come into force on July 1.

The port introduced a five month paid parking trial at the lee breakwater in December last year, to try to better manage the use of the carpark by boaties, cafe-goers and those using the Coastal Walkway.

Last month Port Taranaki held a meeting, attended by more than 50 people, at the New Plymouth Sportfishing & Underwater Club to discuss the how the system had been working and Port Taranaki chief executive Guy Roper said there was widespread support for continued management of parking in the area. The feedback was generally positive, he said. 

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So, the port has decided to continue with a parking management system at the carpark, which is on Port Taranaki land.

The changes include a reduction from having to pay 24 hours a day to between 5am and 5pm, 365 days a year. 

Roper said it had been a long, but thorough process and he was pleased the public had input into the final decision.

"We had a lot of feedback from the public, particularly around the hours for pay and display, and agreed it made sense to do away with paid parking during the evening hours and during the night. Our infringement notice structure now brings us more in line with how the New Plymouth District Council manages parking in the city."

The fine would be $12.00 when exceeding the time displayed on the parking ticket, $40.00 when no parking ticket is displayed and $40.00 when parking in an area allocated for other use. Boat trailer permits will be available at a cost of $100 per year.  Permits will be available from Port Taranaki from September 1.

Roper said he wanted the public, from boaties and commercial fishermen, to walkway users and families to have the chance to be able to use the area.

"We think what we have put in place is the fairest way to ensure that."

The Bach on Breakwater owner Barbara Olsen-Henderson, who said she lost business during the paid parking trial, has almost reached an agreement with the port, she said. 

"It's still being finalised, but we've agreed in principal. But they have yet to OK the area."  

Olsen-Henderson will lease 11 car parks from Port Taranaki and will offer them to her customers for free, she said. 

It's not the best solution, but she's accepting it, she said.  

"But I'm disappointed because we've lost so much custom. It's been ghastly. We have come to a compromise I will lease car parks within my restaurant area for my customers to use. I'm happy enough with the compromise and hopeful." 

Roper said Olsen-Henderson's carparks will not impact on the number of carparks available for public use nor impinge on the preparation bay for boat owners.

Other businesses in the Ocean View Parade/Lee Breakwater area already lease land from Port Taranaki for dedicated carparking for their businesses, he said.


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