Highest salaries, positive growth

16:00, Jan 04 2013

Employers in Taranaki are now offering the highest salaries in the country with advertised pay packages spiking dramatically over the past year.

Recent figures derived from www.seek.co.nz show advertised pay packets in the province averaged out at $93,317 at the end of November.

That was a whopping 23.6 per cent increase since last January when the figure was $71,295.

The national average of salaries advertised sat at $74,579, which rose 5 per cent over the same period.

Taranaki Chamber of Commerce chairman Grant McQuoid said he was not surprised with the statistics, given the industry sectors in Taranaki.

"The oil and gas industry, energy and rural sectors are three contributing positives to the region," he said.


"With an industry like oil and gas, which has to compete internationally, the salaries offered need to reflect those on an international scale."

Economically, it reflected Taranaki in a very positive light, he said. "It's been challenging in the last 12 months but Taranaki has managed to do very well compared with the rest of the country."

Mr McQuoid believed the growth would continue throughout 2013. "If you look at Taranaki in the next 12 months, there are huge positive indicators, particularly in oil and gas. That means there will continue to be job opportunities around."

New Plymouth Mayor Harry Duynhoven said Taranaki companies, particularly in the oil and gas industry, often had to attract experts from overseas.

He said the demand for their knowledge and expertise called for a high salary to match.

"While we can certainly compete in lifestyle in Taranaki, we have to compete in money too."

He believed luring people to the region with attractive pay packets was an asset to the region.

"I think it's a huge benefit because it brings people here with disposable incomes, who also become involved in the community through school committees, different boards and sports clubs."

Seek general manager Janet Faulding said the number of advertised jobs in the mining, resources and energy sector tripled in Taranaki during the year. "Being the country's top paid sector, this increase in roles has seen Taranaki become the highest paid region this year."

Ms Faulding said the average salary package in New Zealand had now gained for three months straight, signalling a steady increase in what workers were being paid.

An industry breakdown showed jobs in the mining, resources and energy sectors took home the biggest average pay packet at $114,106, followed by consulting and strategy at $101,106, and engineering at $93,800. Real estate and property jobs had the highest pay increases, up 14.1 per cent to $87,777. The worst paying industry was retail and consumer products at an average of $47,618.

Jobs offered in Otago ranked the lowest paid in the country at an average of $59,826.

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