Weather tipped to keep up heat this week

22:44, Jan 07 2013
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Nadia Hill, 15, left, and Eden McPhillips, 16, brave windy conditions to hang out with mates at Fitzroy Beach.

Another blast of hot weather is due from across the Tasman this week and could come with unusual sunrises and sunsets because of the Tasmanian bushfires.

MetService forecaster Allister Gorman said much of New Zealand should swelter mid-week in temperatures near to those felt at the weekend.

"Overall, things by mid-week in most places . . . will return to warmer temperatures, but not quite so hot as the weekend," Mr Gorman said.

On Sunday morning, MetService could already see what appeared to be dust or ash on the weather radar coming across the Tasman Sea.

However, because of the cloud cover, it was hard to say if it was dust from central Australia or ash from the Tasmanian bushfires.

"If you do have clear skies at sunrise or sunset it could be some interesting coloration."


Meanwhile, Niwa is warning the east coast of the country will be drier than last year, though the west will be wetter. Farmers in Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay are already feeling the pressure, forced to remove stock as paddocks become increasingly parched.

Niwa principal scientist Brett Mullan said to get those dry areas back to normal they would require an above-normal rainfall during the next three months.

"That's very unlikely to happen," he said.

Castlepoint sheep and beef farmer Anders Crofoot said a lack of spring rainfall and limited pasture growth meant some farmers had already de-stocked far more than previous years.

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