Roadworks test motorists' patience

16:00, Jan 22 2013

Roadworks have nearly tripled the travel time between Inglewood and New Plymouth for some motorists this week.

The New Zealand Traffic Authority regional state highways manager David McGonigal said the work on State Highway 3 had not been causing problems until yesterday morning's peak time.

"Over the last few weeks our crews have been working to give this highway a safer, more durable surface. Things have proceeded smoothly until this week's delays during the morning peak."

But some motorists, such as Nicki Taylor who commented on the Taranaki Daily News Facebook page, were having trouble on Monday afternoon as well.

"At present it is taking an hour and a half to get from Inglewood to middle of New Plymouth due to the road works just before King Road and the bad traffic management, so if you have to be somewhere at a specific time leave Ing's early," she wrote at 2pm.

Driving between Inglewood and New Plymouth usually takes around 20 minutes.


Shona Glentworth was on her way to work in New Plymouth yesterday morning just after 9am when she was held up by road works at three separate stops.

"It took a while."

There were long queues of traffic at each stop, she said.

"At the first stop the queue went for miles, I'd say it went right back into Inglewood."

She was stopped again near Lepper Rd and then once more further down the highway and estimated it added a total of 20 minutes to her trip.

"I'm just pleased I wasn't late for a meeting. It's good they put signs up warning to expect delays but it's easy to forget."

Mr McGonigal said work was being done to keep delays to a minimum. "We thank drivers for hanging in there, and we've taken steps to ensure that there will be an immediate improvement and that unnecessary delays are avoided, particularly during the morning peak hour."

The work is expected to be completed by February 15.

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